Gemma Thrower



  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist
  • BSc Psychology & Sociology
  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Gel Nail Technician

Sport and the world of fitness has been a major part of my life. From participating in every sport available at high school, throwing javelin competitively for more than five years and now my love for CrossFit!

In 2016, I found myself in a place where life had gotten in the way and physical activity was no longer a part of my daily routine. I’d gained weight, was suffering with my mental health and felt lost. The gym environment helped me change all of this. I became healthier, happier and fitter and along the way lost the weight I’d gained.

This sparked a passion in me, I wanted to help others find the same happiness through fitness that I had.  I developed skills both as a Personal Trainer to help develop and train the body, but also as a Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist to help recover and improve performance. I spent a year working in a commercial gym and realised that the bog-standard sets and reps on resistance machines, followed by steady state cardio wasn't for me. Having trained using the CrossFit prescription of ‘constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity’, I know the impact it can have, and believe my clients and members deserve the same. Because of this I decided to gain my CrossFit Level One Trainer status in 2019, quickly followed by the Level 2.

The CrossFit box is an incredible environment and one I love; it brings together different people from all walks of life and throws you into tough workouts together. There’s no way you can walk away without feeling like you've become part of something.

Gel Overlay Nails
60 minutes @ £0.00

Gel polish over the natural nails.  Lasting 2-3 weeks.

Can be removed & reapplied or just removed when you are done.

Fingers or Toes:
First set: £15
Removal & Reapplication: £20
Removal only: £7.50

Fingers & Toes:
First sets: £25
Removal & Reapplication: £35
Removal only: £15

Pay at appointment. Card/cash/bank transfer accepted.

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CrossFit Cerebellum Liability Waiver (7219)
I understand that by signing this waiver I am agreeing to participate in the training provided by Cerebellum Fitness Ltd and it’s employees, volunteers and associates.

Which may include, but not reserved to, CrossFit training methods, gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, metabolic conditioning etc. Cerebellum Fitness Ltd has explained fully the training methods offered. I agree to participate and understand that this type of training (CrossFit) can be extremely strenuous and may push me to the limits of my physical and psychological capacity.

There is risk involved within the training outlined, these risk may include and are not reserved to:
-Injury to the musculoskeletal and/or the cardiorespiratory system.
-Negligence on the part of myself, my training partners, or others around me.
-Improper use of equipment or failure of equipment.
-Medical conditions, whether known or unknown to myself.

These risks could potentially lead to serious injury, illness or death.

I assume full responsibility for any and all risks that I am exposing myself to, by participating in the training at Cerebellum Fitness Ltd. The coaching team will do everything in their power to try and reduce risk to the individuals using the facilities at all times. Any changes I make to my training, dietary or recovery habits I do so at my own risk and take full responsibility for any outcome caused by said behaviour, releasing Cerebellum Fitness Ltd from any responsibility.

At Cerebellum Fitness Ltd we recommend getting clearance from a doctor/GP before undertaking any physical activity and/or adaptation to dietary or recovery habits.

I hereby clarify that I know of no medical conditions or injury (other than those stated in the questions above) that could increase my risk of illness, injury or death as a result of participating. If at any point in my participation at Cerebellum Fitness Ltd I become aware of a medical condition, become pregnant or get injured, I will inform the coaching team immediately.

Release of Liability

Being completely aware of the risks associated with the participation of the regime and voluntarily participating in said regime, I hereby waiver, release and discharge Cerebellum Fitness Ltd and it’s employees, volunteers, and associates of any kind relating to, arising from, or in any way connected with my participation in the Cerebellum Fitness Ltd training methods, facilities, advice given or equipment used. 

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